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We are a team of professional managers, developers, engineers, and designers who can boast work experience in leading global companies like Intel, Playtika, and EY.
It is our persuasion that every idea deserves to be realized, and therefore, our pricing policy differs from
most companies operating on the Israeli market.
We focus on machine learning, predictive analytics, and large database processing. However, we are no less
sensitive to platform adaptability, design, and functionality.
We are there for you on each implementation step, starting from drawing up the terms of reference and
finishing with your entering the market and creating the presentation for investors. Moreover, we
cooperate with advertising agencies and business consultants for you to get assistance in solving virtually
any issue.


Work Examples


My Blogger

Platform for launching advertising campaigns through influencers. The goal is to connect advertisers with the most relevant influencers, quickly and easily.

— Ability to quickly launch campaigns with several bloggers at once
— Escrow service as a financial guarantee to both parties
— Detailed analytics of bloggers’ audience
— Ad campaign constructor that emulates the process of a real story/post creation
— Post/story popularity assessment using a deep neural network
— Post analytics for quick access to the results of ad campaigns
— Track influencers’ activities and brand mentions in their posts.

Tech Stack:
Spring + react.js + postgresql

Work Examples



Education quality control system for a Nonprofit Organization

— Developed conducting a survey among students and teachers and collecting statistics
— Developed conducting presentations with voting on the basis of collected statistics in real time using WebSokets

Tech Stack:
Spring + vue.js + postgresql

Work Examples


Municipal Performance Tracking Platform

On the basis of data provided by various departments of municipalities, as well as data from social networks, a panel was created to obtain an overall picture of the state of development of the city.

- Structuring of existing databases was carried out
- We will collect more than 5 million geolocations
- Created API for accessing Facebook data and Instagram
- Several models on Python sentiment analysis have been developed to understand the general attitude of citizens to the work of the municipality
- Analytics of sore spots of the municipality
- Analytics of all areas of work of the municipality based on external data

Tech Stack:
Python + React + Postgresql

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