Website type

Business card website

It is a simple, single-page website containing the company’s info. A business card website does not need particular attention, and it is developed “once and for all.” It commonly contains its owner’s general information and contacts.

Company website

It needs a more serious approach to development. In most cases, it is a multi-page website giving more detail about the services provided by the company, telling its history, and specifying its contact details. It also keeps its visitors advised on services cost and virtually serves as the company’s online office.

Promotional website

Such websites are used to quickly set the wheels of some company’s advertising campaign in motion, as well as rapidly promote services, goods, and brands.

Online store

It serves for online retailing and can provide the possibility to buy and pay for merchandise online, order services, and so on. Such websites can also operate as an online merchandise display with no possibility to order products.


They are the resources to place various informative posts with more advanced functionality than a blog. In most cases, they are news websites.

Announcement boards

This kind of website serves to post information on merchandise purchases and sales, services and information ads, etc.


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How many pages do you plan?

Single-page business card website

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More than 10 pages

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