Starting point

I use a QlikView

I use a Qlik Sense

I use a Tableau

I use a Power BI

I use a Developed in-house

I use a Other

We have no BI solution

Number of databasessystems to be linked in BI

I need analytics from just one systemdatabase

I need to combine 2 databases

I need to combine 3 to 5 databases

I have more than 5 databases


I have spreadsheet databases (SQL)

I use NoSQL

I use both: SQL and NoSQL

My database is stored in

On my local server (the server is physically in the office)

I use hosting / VPS

On GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

On AWS (Amazon Web Services)


Links to third-party databases

The app will use only its own data

It is necessary to collect data using an API

It is necessary to collect data by web scraping (I have no API)

I have a spreadsheet database

What is necessary

Improve the existing dashboard

Develop a new dashboard


I know exactly what KPIs, graphs, and tables I want to see.

I need a complete solution: data analytics and visualization.

    There are mere trifles left.

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